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Register with us by April 15th for Cub Scout Summer Day Camp 2021 at Camp Norse!

Summer Day Camp is open to all registered

Pack 105 Cub Scouts.  

July 26 - 30, 2021

Camp Norse in Kingston, MA

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Summer camp is FUN!  Learning outdoor skills, working as a team, and developing confidence in oneself is what Scouting is all about.  The camp has program areas that include:  swimming (shallow pool), crafts, waterfront (paddle boats or splashing around in shallow water), archery & bb ranges (all about learning safely), fishing, obstacle course, sports, and more.  Each year the camp has a program “theme”.  

Pinewood Derby 2021 was a big success on March 20th!  Thank you to all of our volunteers for adjusting our typical process to ensure that we could gather together in safe groups for this event.  The Scouts did an incredible job crafting their cars!  The creativity is always on full display for this event.

Have you registered with us for Cub Scout Summer Day Camp at Camp Norse in Kingston?  We are planning our week for July 26-30, 2021 and hope to have all of our registered Cub Scouts join us for a week of fishing, hiking, archery, swimming and so much more!  Contact Tim Meehan at timothywmeehan@gmail.com with any questions.  

If you are interested in reading about the guidelines set forth from Mayflower BSA for scouting at this time, please visit:  http://www.mayflowerbsa.org/covid-19/

PINewood derby 2021

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