Welcome to the Adventure of Cub Scouting!

Cub Scouting is truly the best program for children in

Kindergarten through 5th grade and their family!

As a parent or caregiver, you want your child to grow up to be self-reliant, dependable and a caring individual.  By joining a local scouting program you can help your child make that goal a reality.  Since 1910, we have been weaving lifetime values into fun and educational activities designed to assist parents in strengthening character, good citizenship and physical fitness in youth.

Scouting programs in Pembroke are supported by the Mayflower Council.  Pembroke is part of the Cranberry Harbors District representing twelve towns from Cohasset to Plymouth.  Professional staff supports local scouting units by providing training to adult leaders/volunteers, programming and resources.  Pack 105 Cub Scouts care about strengthening family relationships, provide caring mentors, inspiring civic pride and compassion through service to others and working on self-confidence through achievement and recognition.

Scouting teaches family values.  We know that children do not join scouting just to build character.  They join because it is FUN!  Scouting is FUN with a PURPOSE!


How Does Cub Scouting Work?

One unique thing about Cub Scouting is that you, as a family, join in on the program with your child and you will help them along the way.  The family is the basis of Cub Scouting.  It exists to support your family and help enrich your family time together.  The children have a different handbook at each level with suggested activities that are age-appropriate for their developmental level.  As your child advances through these books by working on activities with you, they will earn badges, belt loops and other recognition that may be worn on their uniform.  Your child’s success in Cub Scouting depends on you!

The Cub Scouting program takes place at two levels.  Your child will be a part of a den; a small group of children in the same grade level who meet twice a month.  All dens, from Kindergarten through 5th grade make up a pack.  Once a month, the dens with their families come together at the pack meeting.  At the pack meeting, the children show off the new skills they have learned during the month and are recognized with the badges or belt loops they have earned.  Our Cubmaster leads the pack meeting along with parent volunteers, Pack Committee members and Den Leaders.  There are games, skits, songs, ceremonies and presentations of recognition of accomplishments including badges and belt loops earned throughout the month.  The Pack meeting is a great opportunity for families—not just parents, but siblings too—can see the achievements of their Cub Scout and enjoy the activities all together.

Advancement Plan

The Cub Scout advancement program is an excellent way for you to spend quality time with your child.  Signing off on advancement can be done by either the Den Leader OR parent/caregiver.  For each special skill or activity your child completes with you, you can sign off one of the requirements they need to earn their next award.  As a result, the awards earned increase the child’s knowledge, skills, self-esteem and confidence.  You can be a part of it by participating in the Cub Scout program with your child!