Pack 105 Popcorn Facts
Welcome to our 2022 Popcorn fundraiser!

Selling Dates: NOW – December 31st

Sales will be online, direct through the Trail's End application or at one of our show and sell store front locations to be announced in September. 


ONLINE DIRECT - Fundraising for Scouts!


Traditional products & prices plus more.

Products ship to your customers and all sales are credit.   


Click here to register online today at Trails-End.com

Contact our Popcorn "Kernel" for a Square Reader or you can also

manually enter cards into the app if you don’t have a reader.

How it works!

Two ways to sell online...

1. Share Your Page

* Share your fundraising page via email, text, or social media.

* Customers click your link to place online orders.

* Products ship directly to your customers.

2. Take online direct orders in the app

* Pick your products

* Take payment (credit/debit only)

* Products ship directly to your customers.


Why Participate?:

  • This is our ONLY fundraiser

  • 73% of funds go back to Scouting.

  • Popcorn sales help reduce the cost of camp

  • Popcorn sales allow for us to bring in enrichment and programs

  • Popcorn sales boost confidence and help promote scouting programs in the community

  • Popcorn sales are fun and help us support Scouts


Contact Person is our Pack 105 Popcorn "Kernel": 

Stephanie Ciciotti via email at stephanie.ciciotti@gmail.com





Scouts from Pack 105 will be fundraising 

this Fall and we are asking

for our community's support through

popcorn sales with our one and 

ONLY fundraiser of the year! 

Store front locations will be announced in September or you can contact your local Cub Scout and support

your local Scouting program!

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Thank you for your support!